Before I went through my own personal health transformation, I was smoking heavily, excessively drinking and my diet was horrific. Simply put, I put my health last.


Ignoring my health was prohibiting my performance in every area of my life. But the thing about your health is if you don’t pay attention to it , it will get your attention and in a way you probably won’t like.

I felt terrible all of the time and ignoring how I was treating my body impacted my mood, my energy level, my stress level, my relationships with others and most importantly my relationship with myself.


Since my transformation I have traded in my pack of cigarettes for marathons medals. I have reduced my stress level tremendously, my energy levels are through the roof, I have reached my desired fitness level and most importantly I have rebuilt my self-confidence.

Today I run marathons, compete in triathlon races, and am at my optimal fitness level. Prioritizing my health has enabled me to perform at my highest level at my career and in life. I have a better relationship with others and myself. If you feel like there is something holding you back from reaching that next level, let me help you get there!