Your Best Self already exists, let's Rediscover that version together!

Rediscovery coaching




My name is Tia and I'm a certified Health & Lifestyle Coach.  I run a practice devoted to helping people rediscover who they are and/or want to be. It is truly my passion because I know what it is like to lose my way. My health transformation completely changed my life and I can show you how it can do the same for you!


As a coach, my job is to help you learn to prioritize your relationship with yourself and use it to achieve whatever goals you may have.


  • I will help you gain back control over any destructive behaviours such as smoking, drinking, over-eating etc...

  • I will help you learn to fit healthy habits into your busy routine and achieve your goal of weight loss, stress reduction, improving your energy level and any other specific goals you may have.

  • I will help you envision your highest performance level and work with you towards becoming that version of yourself.

  • I will help you rebuild your confidence and remove the mental roadblocks standing in your way.


I hold myself accountable at holding YOU accountable! My goal is to meet your best and healthiest version by helping you rediscover who that is!


what can i offer YOU?


Toronto, Ontario 

Degrees & Certifications

Certified Life Coach- Health Coach Institute, 2019

Certified Health Coach- Health Coach Institute, 2018

Honours Bachelor of Commerce- McMaster University 2013

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